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Powder Coating

With normal paint systems the drying process can take several hours before tires could be safely mounted on the fresh surface. With powder coating the surface is baked to a hard finish in a matter of minutes. This allows us to re-mount the tire as soon as the product is cooled.

A wide range of specialty effects is easily accomplished. We stock standard and common silvers, clears and blacks for automotive wheels. Hundreds of colors, finishes and textures can be special ordered.

In addition to the powder coating equipment we have invested in cleaning and blasting systems to expedite the entire process of wheel refinishing. Our goal is to get your wheels back on your car as soon as possible with the most durable finish in the industry.

This system is ahead of the curve when it come to preparing for higher EPA standards. Powder coatings emit zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). The self contained cleaning and blasting systems are self-recycling. As always, Prince Wheel Services provides recycling of scrap tire and aluminum for our customers.

Custom Powder Coating


PWS is happy to work with customers that are interested in custom work on items other than automotive wheel rims. Our system is set up to powder coat any size batch and we will do single pieces.

We will be able to coat any metal items that are able to fit in our 8'x8'x10' booth and oven. Frequently requested custom pieces are motorcycle parts (frames, wheel rims & trim pieces), BMX frames, engine parts, and exhaust parts.

Items must be stripped of anything that is not metal or that can't withstand the 400* temperature needed for curing the powder (such as plastics and rubber). Items also should not reach a temperature over 400* during their everyday use once they have been coated.

Please send us a detailed email with your custom inquiry. Pricing is dependent on the type(s) and amount of powder that will be used. Specify the color(s), finishes (shine, matte, crinkle, etc.) and number of items in the batch. Include photos and dimensions if possible. Email: princewheelservices@yahoo.com

Our blasting and stripping system only accommodates automotive wheel rim sized items. Hourly blasting rate is $60.00 plus material cost if applicable. We can refer you to companies that can blast or strip larger items on request.

Sorry, we do not powder coat over the top of existing chrome at this time. We have not found a reliable product to bond and stick the products together 100% of the time. We cannot guarantee that your end-result will be acceptable to us or you and we cannot guarantee that it will last for any period of time.

Our Process for Powder Coat Painting Wheels

1.      Remove tires if they are still mounted. Measure wheels for excessive run-out. (Price included in step 7)

2.      Remove all debris, dirt, oils, wheel weight adhesive, etc. in our pretreatment bay. (Price included in step 6)

3.      Strip and media blast to remove the original coatings and prevent future adhesion issues. Repair any damage. ($40-50 ea.)

4.      Pre-bake the wheels to drive out any contaminants that may be impregnated in the alloy. (Price included in step 6)

5.      Back to the pretreatment bay for another washing and then adhesion promoting chemical rinse and dry thoroughly. (Price included in step 6)

6.      Apply and bake powder coating on entire wheel. (Metallics or Candies $85 ea./ Solid colors $70 ea.)

7.      Allow to cool, install new valve stems and then mount and balance tires. ($25-35 ea.)



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